December 2014 New Home Summary Reports Now Available

We have recently released our various summary reports for the Las Vegas new home market for December 2014 based on our popular Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch.

The first of these reports is our Monthly Area Summary Chart.  This handy tool breaks down each of the six major Sub-Market areas in the Las Vegas valley and includes:

  • Total number of Active Subdivisions
  • Total Buyer Traffic
  • Traffic per Subdivision
  • Total New Sales
  • Total Cancellations
  • Total Net Sales (New Sales – Cans)
  • Net Sales per Project
  • Cancellation % (Cans/New Sales)
  • Conversion % (New Sales/Traffic)
  • Conversion Ratio (Traffic/New Sales)
  • Inventory (Total Unsold Released Lots)
  • Inventory per Project
  • Months of Inventory (Inventory/Net Sales)

When comparing December and November 2014, Traffic and Sales numbers were down in all Sub-Markets except the South.  Across all Sub-Markets, there is an average of 11 months of inventory (unsold released lots) based on December sales numbers.

This report is available as a subscription or as a single file downloadable from our website.

Next, we have our Quarterly Traffic and Sales Summary.  This thorough report breaks down the numbers by Subdivision and Builder as well as:

  • Net Sales and Traffic summaries by Sub-Market Area
  • All 3 of the Monthly Summary Charts discussed above
  • Top 10 Lists by Net Sales (By Builder, Subdivision, ZIP Code, & MLS Area)
  • Year-to-Year Comparison by Sub-Market Area
  • Area Traffic 7 Sales Breakdowns by Price Range

When looking at the numbers, the top 3 ZIP Codes are spread out across 3 different Sub-Market Areas and include 3 major Master Planned Communities.  KB Home and Lennar each placed 3 communities in the top 10 while only 2 of the 10 are a part of a major Master Plan.

The Quarterly Traffic & Sales Summary is also available as a subscription or single pdf downloadable directly from our website.

Finally, we have released our December 2014 Monthly Interactive Sales Summaries.  This incredibly useful tool takes all of the data (traffic, sales, lot info, square footage, price, etc.) for each subdivision directly from our spreadsheet and places it on a Google® Maps file.  The user gets a visual representation of where each community is located.  The files are available sorted by Builder, Area, SqFt Range, and Price Range.  Also included are overlays of all ZIP Codes and MLS Areas.

For more information check out the screen shots on the product page or Contact Us for a demo.

In closing, we believe these reports to be very useful tools for any of our clients, however, if they don’t quite meet your needs, please let us know and we can discuss custom one-time or recurring reports.

Posted on January 21, 2015 .