March 2015 Housing Summary Data Now Available

In the past couple of days we've uploaded our latest New Home reports with March 2015 Traffic and Net Sales data to our website for purchase and download.  

Our first product is our Monthly Area Summary Chart which is a simple breakdown of New Home Traffic, Sales, Cancellation, and Inventory statistics for our Las Vegas Sub-Market Areas.  The chart shows totals as well as per project breakdowns and conversion ratios and months of remaining inventory.  It is a great useful snapshot of the market each month.

For March 2015 we saw the number of projects just in the SW area by eight while the other sub-markets remained the same or changed by only one.  Conversion and Cancellation percentages varied widely by area with some jumping significantly with other showing large drops.

The other Monthly Summary report we publish each month is our Monthly Interactive Summary which visually displays each active project in Clark County at the end of each month (based on our Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch).  The files are in .kmz format and can be viewed on Google® Maps or Google® Earth and includes ZIP Code and MLS as well as jurisdictional overlays for easy visual breakdowns of the market. 

Both of these reports are available as individual issues or as a subscription.