Las Vegas Housing Market Letter Vol. 340 Now Available

Volume 340 of our monthly Las Vegas Housing Market Letter was recently distributed to our subscribers and is also available for download.  This month's issue recaps January 2016 numbers for both the new and resale segments of the Las Vegas housing market as well as touching on recent condo activity.

HBR President Dennis Smith notes the continued rise in resale listings and the quick pace at which quality traditional listings are moving.  This remains true despite the continued lingering "cloud" of "sour" loans which will continue to be a presence for many months (at least).

We believe that there are still a significant number of “sour” loans that will end up as distressed listings in 2016 (and probably longer). The negative equity “cloud,” although not as large. still is a major constraint to what would be termed a healthy (or even normal) Las Vegas housing market.
— Dennis Smith

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