CEBR Releases latest "Indexes" report

UNLV's Center for Business and Economic Research has released its latest "Indexes" report, which can be downloaded here.  The report serves to provide a snapshot of the overall health of the economy in Southern Nevada based on four Indexes based on the Department of Commerce index construction method.  They are:

  • Coincident Index
  1. CC Taxable Sales
  2. CC Gaming Revenue
  3. CC Nonfarm Employment
  • Leading Index
  1. NV Initial Claims for Unempolyment (inverted)
  2. Moody's Real Baa Bond Rate (inverted)
  3. CC Housing Permits
  4. CC Commercial Permits
  5. McCarran Passengers
  6. S&P 500
  • Construction Index
  1. CC Construction Employment
  2. CC Housing Permits
  3. CC Commercial Permits
  • Tourism Index
  1. McCarran Passengers
  2. CC Gaming Revenue
  3. LV Hotel/Motel Occupancy Rate

All four indexes were up year-to-year, but only the Tourism component was up month-to-month.

Posted on August 9, 2016 .