December 2016 Land Sales Data Now Available

Clark County land transaction data is now available as Volume 273 of our Las Vegas Land Report.  We are reporting over $429 million in sales to end 2016 across the county with over $330 million of this coming from apartment sales (over 2,500 units total).  We counted 14 purchases by local homebuilders including CalAtlantic Homes (4.69 acres), Lennar Homes (95 acres + 165 lots), Harmony Homes (2 acres), and others.  

Nearly all of the land purchased by builders in December is already being marketed...

One thing that is noticeable with these, and has been the case for a few months now, is the speed at which the parcels are being engineered and readied for marketing as new communities.  Nearly all of the land purchased by builders in December is already being marketed and/or pre-sold to buyers.  This is certainly a good sign for the market, and shows the need for builders to find more land.  It also may show a positive change in the processing times by the local entities, which had become an issue a couple of years ago.

In addition to our standard spreadsheet report, which clients love because they can compile, sort, and chart data over time, we offer an "interactive" version of the data overlayed on a map.  This allows clients to view the same data visually and see where exactly the sales are taking place.  Subscribers can then show or hide transactions from different months, giving them a picture of activity over time.  A great tool.

December land sales plotted on a map of Las Vegas


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Posted on February 21, 2017 .