LV Weekly New Home Activity Snapshot

For the week ending July 9th, we are reporting another strong week of sales.  The "Net Sales per Subdivision" calculation in the Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch has not fallen below 0.8 since the end of February (21 weeks).  In 2016, this number (or greater) was only reached 13 times all year.


One caveat on this week's numbers is an abnormal number of sales from the new Reverence community from Pulte Homes in Summerlin.  They reported nearly 50 net sales in their first week in our report.  Unfortunately, we were not able to break those sales down into the smaller subdivisions within the greater project which we are working on remedying in the future since there is a broad range of product lines available.  In the overall community of Reverence, plans range from 1,579 to 4,815 square feet with base prices starting at $353,880 and going all the way up to nearly $800,000.

Lastly we are displaying a heat map of net sales activity for the week.  While this map is mostly un-surprising, notice the increase in activity in the far SE of Henderson and the far SW.  These areas are the latest reaches of the valley opened up to development over the past few months.

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