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May was a good month for Southern Nevada homebuilders.  Our Monthly Area Traffic & Sales Summary chart breaks down the data by sub-market area.

 Subscribers to this handy monthly report get a breakdown of data collected from our Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch.  Currently there are 12 sub-market areas reporting to us every week.  The monthly summary chart displays the following numbers for each area:

  • Number of Active Projects
  • Total Buyer Traffic
  • Traffic per Project
  • Gross Sales
  • Cancellations
  • Net Sales (Gross - Cans)
  • Net Sales per Project
  • Cancellation %
  • Conversion %
  • Conversion Ratio
  • Inventory of Released Lots
  • Inventory per Project
  • Months of Inventory


Some interesting figures from May include:

  • 37% increase in Net Sales in North Las Vegas from April 2019
  • 27% increase in overall Traffic in the Southwest from April 2019
  • 15% decrease in the number of active projects in Henderson from May 2018
  • 120% increase in average inventory of released lots per project in the east sub-market area

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