LV Weekly New Home Traffic & Sales Update

For the week ending August 13, 2017, home builders' sales numbers slowed down slightly, dipping below 0.8 net sales per project for the first time since February according to our Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch.  Lennar Homes and DR Horton accounted for 26% of all sales while reporting the same percentage of active communities.  One place we see the "slow down" this week is that only four builders achieved an average of 1 or more net sales per project.  Another is in the fact that the extremely steadily selling Sun City Mesquite reported zero (or fewer) net sales for only the forth time in 2017.

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The top selling projects reported this week were Peregrine Point from Woodside Homes in the southwest and Granite Falls from Richmond American Homes in North Las Vegas.  Looking at Master Planned Communities (MPC), the top ten performers included projects in Skye Canyon, Summerlin, Inspirada, and Mountains Edge.  

We reported one new community this week, which is actually an extension of the existing "Groves" product line of townhouses in Inspirada from KB Home.  They added 93 units to the collection in Pod 4-3, which is currently the southern-most active parcel in the MPC.

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July 2017 New Home Closings and Permit Report Now Available

Subscribers have just received in their inboxes Volume 358 of the Las Vegas Closing and Permit Report with data from July 2017.  Clark County home builders recorded slightly less than 700 new home closings and pulled over 800 building permits.  These numbers put closings up 21% and permits up 4.5% year-to-year.  Ten projects reported their first closings in July.

Expressions by DR Horton (unsurprisingly when considering net sales figures from our Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch), led all communities with nearly 20 closings.  Seven of the top ten performing communities have overall average prices under $300,000.

% of New Home Closings by Price Range

July 2017

For those who are unaware, the Closings part of this tandem report contains a list of all communities in Clark County recording a closed sale over the past 12 months, with totals for each month.  Also, basic information for each project is listed including Area, Total Avg. Sales Price, Current Month Avg. Sales Price, Product Type, Avg. Lot Width, Avg. Lot Size, Total Lots, Zoning, Planned Community, and ZIP Code.  Finally, Avg. Closings Per Month for the past 12 months, Total Closings, and yearly totals for the past two years as well as monthly builder totals and averages are also included.  Wow, what a jam-packed report! One of the best features of the report is that it is published as a spreadsheet allowing you to sort and dissect the data on your own for your own purposes, instead of being stagnant charts or graphs in a .pdf file. 

Looking at permits, 16 projects pulled 10 or more in July with North Peak from Pardee Homes in North Las Vegas leading the way.

% of Permits Pulled by Sub Market Area

July 2017

The Las Vegas Closing and Permit Report has been an anchor in our stable of products for nearly 30 years now and is trusted by countless housing professionals in southern Nevada and across the country.  Download the latest report or subscribe today!

July 2017 New Home Traffic & Net Sales Reports Now Available

We have recently published the monthly updates with July 2017 data for a couple of our popular Las Vegas housing reports.

Our Monthly Area Traffic & Sales Summary Chart is a handy snapshot of activity around the valley by sub-market area (East, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Northwest, South, Southwest).  The report tracks the following data points:

  • Number of active projects
  • Total Traffic & Traffic per Project
  • Gross Sales, Cancellations, and Net Sales
  • Net Sales per Project
  • Cancellation %
  • Conversion % and Conversion Ratio
  • Inventory of Released Lots (Total and per Project)
  • Months of Inventory (Inventory/Net Sales)

In the submarkets that had the same number of reported projects or more year-to-year we report net sales increases across the board.  Cancellation % was fairly steady with some increases but mainly decreases.

We also released the updated "Interactive Traffic & Sales Summary" which overlays monthly totals onto a map for easy point and click visualization of current market activity.  These files are invaluable to those that use them and offer a great alternative to our basic spreadsheet reports.

Download the current reports or subscribe today, and Contact Us with any questions or custom data needs.

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LV Weekly New Home Activity Update

For the week ending August 6th, the new home market in southern Nevada again remained steady, hovering around 200 net sales across 250+ reporting projects.  The cancellation rate however, broke the 20% mark for only the second time in 2017.  Earlier this year we suspected that we may see a steady uptick in cancellations but this has failed to materialize thus far.

Lennar Homes led all builders with over 30 net sales with American West Homes, Century Communities, Beazer Homes, Storybook Homes, Warmington Residential, and Del Webb Communities also averaging over 1.2 net sales per project.  The two product lines from Century Communities at the Skye Canyon Master Planned Community in the northwest combined to lead all subdivisions with eight net sales for the week.  We did not report any new projects in our Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch this time around.  As July is now in the rearview mirror, let's look at the top selling builders and subdivisions from that month: 



An interesting note here, Bilbray Ranch Square by DR Horton in LAUGHLIN finished just outside the top 5 with 13 net sales.  

As an added bonus this week let's look at the July totals for the major master planned communities in the Las Vegas Valley which accounted for 38% of all reported net sales...


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LV Weekly New Home Traffic & Sales Update

For the week ending July 30, 2017 the new home segment of the Las Vegas housing market saw overall net sales (sales minus cancellations) dipped slightly, reporting the lowest overall total since early February.  However, on a "per subdivision" level, the data is still showing the same consistency we have seen for the majority of 2017.  Buyer traffic has also returned to the 2017 "norm" after dipping slightly in June (probably due to the extreme heat during that time).

Buyer Traffic per Subdivision

Net Sales per Subdivision

KB Home led all builders in overall net sales with 31 across 30 reporting projects.  Eight of the 22 reporting builders reported double digit sales and on a "per subdivision" level American West Homes, Century Communities, Del Webb Communities, Harmony Homes, KB Home, and Woodside Homes all averaged more than one net sale for each of their projects.  Del Webb's Sun City Mesquite led all projects with five net sales followed by ten others around the Las Vegas valley that reported four. 

There were two newly reporting projects this week, the first of which was Monarch Manor by DR Horton.  It is a 12 lot community in the northwest sub-market with prices ranging $417,990 to $432,990.  The second was Watermarke by Lennar Homes, a rebooted attached project from Meritage Homes in Mountain's Edge.  It will offer units ranging from 1071 to 1480 square feet.

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LV Weekly New Home Activity Update

For the week ending July 23rd, the Las Vegas new home segment once again continued along at a similar pace, with homebuilders reporting 0.8 net sales per project in our Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch.  DR Horton led all builders in overall sales with 30, but on a "per project" level, American West Homes continued their impressive sales performance with an average of over 2 sales for each project.  They were the only builder with more than one active community to achieve this level of sales.  On the week, 45% of communities reported at least one net sale.

Two American West communities, Jones Crossing and The Highlands Collection, trailed just behind Lennar Homes' new attached project in North Las Vegas "The Hudson" in overall net sales.  The Hudson has performed well since opening in May, averaging over 3 net sales per week.  It is our strong belief that we will see more builders opening attached projects in the coming months, something that all but died out after the recession.

Summit Homes debuted the only new project in the report this week with Valona, a 25 lot community in the northwest.  Prices start in the mid $300,000s on plans ranging from 2773 to 4039 square feet.

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June 2017 Reports Now Available

Our subscribers have recently received our various housing reports containing data from June 2017.  Here are some highlights:

  • For our Las Vegas Land Report we are reporting over $310 million in transactions with local homebuilders accounting for nearly $30 million of that total while grabbing over 75 acres of land.
  • In our New Home Closings and Permits report we are reporting over 800 closings for the second month this year.  On the permit side, there were over 1,000 new home building permits pulled across all of Clark County for the first time since 2008!

New Home Closings vs Permits 2017

These are just two of our monthly reports which continue to be counted on by the top professionals with an interest in the southern Nevada housing market.  Subscribe to these or any of our reports today at

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LV Weekly New Home Activity Update

For the week ending July 16th, new home sales activity again remained steady, reporting nearly 1 sale per project overall.  Buyer Traffic per project saw an uptick, actually posting the highest value of the year.  DR Horton reclaimed the top spot in overall sales last week, outpacing the next closing competitor by over 15 sales.  On a "per project" level, American West, Century, Del Webb, Lennar, and Woodside all had strong weeks, selling more than 1 home per active project.

Net Sales vs # of Projects by Price Range

New Home Net Sales w/e 170716. Based on average base price.

DR Horton also had 4 communities in the top 5 for net sales among individual communities with Expressions in North Las Vegas once again reporting an impressive 12 for the week.  Their other top performing projects were spread throughout the valley including Henderson (Newport Manor), the southwest (Spanish Ranch Estates 2), and the northwest (Coral Bay South).  

KB Home began reporting figures from the first community in Summerlin's newest village, Stonebridge.  Their Caledonia project has two sets of products and 237 total lots.  Caledonia and Stonebridge are pushing the western limits of the valley along Charleston Blvd toward Red Rock Canyon.  We have seen no less than two other builders close on parcels of land in the new village as well. 

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Q2 2017 New Home Traffic & Sales Summary Now Available

We at Home Builders Research have just released our Las Vegas New Home Quarterly Traffic and Sales Summery for the 2nd quarter of 2017.  As we have been showing in our Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch, new home net sales are doing very well throughout Southern Nevada.  We are reporting overall net sales figures to be up 12% from Q1 2017 and 14% from Q2 2016.  

Focusing in a little further, we see the following year-to-year changes in the six sub-market areas of the Las Vegas valley:

New Home Net Sales Q2 2016 v 2017

  • EAST  -33%
  • HENDERSON  +16%
  • NORTH LAS VEGAS  +2.5%
  • NORTHWEST  -16%
  • SOUTH  +206%
  • SOUTHWEST  +15%

Here we see a perfect example of how specific the market is based on location, location, location...  To qualify this data, we will show the number of communities active in these areas:

# of Active Projects by Sub-Market Area

Looking at individual builders, we don't see much change at the top of the rankings from a year ago.  That doesn't mean however, that the next tier of the market isn't getting shaken up.  Private, local builder American West Homes jumped into the top 5 in this year's report and Toll Brothers made it into the top 10.  Among others in the "middle third" of builders in terms of volume, Century Communities was another "gainer" in market share while CalAtlantic, Pulte/Del Webb, Pardee, and Woodside Homes dipped year-to-year.  

Our quarterly summary is a 40 page report jammed full of data and graphs on the new home segment.  Even better, you can also get the report in spreadsheet format which allows the client to sort and manipulate the data as they like to dive deeper and create charts and graphs as needed.  If neither of these solutions work for you, simply Contact Us with your needs and we will surely be able to provide you what you're looking for.  Download the report or subscribe today.

LV Weekly New Home Activity Snapshot

For the week ending July 9th, we are reporting another strong week of sales.  The "Net Sales per Subdivision" calculation in the Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch has not fallen below 0.8 since the end of February (21 weeks).  In 2016, this number (or greater) was only reached 13 times all year.


One caveat on this week's numbers is an abnormal number of sales from the new Reverence community from Pulte Homes in Summerlin.  They reported nearly 50 net sales in their first week in our report.  Unfortunately, we were not able to break those sales down into the smaller subdivisions within the greater project which we are working on remedying in the future since there is a broad range of product lines available.  In the overall community of Reverence, plans range from 1,579 to 4,815 square feet with base prices starting at $353,880 and going all the way up to nearly $800,000.

Lastly we are displaying a heat map of net sales activity for the week.  While this map is mostly un-surprising, notice the increase in activity in the far SE of Henderson and the far SW.  These areas are the latest reaches of the valley opened up to development over the past few months.

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