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The second week of April saw new home net sales in Southern Nevada remained steady.

New home net sales were still moving at an above average, albeit slower, pace in the first week of April.

Weekly New Home Snapshot

In the final week of Q1, local homebuilders reported the best month of sales of the year.

We are happy to bring you the latest Las Vegas Housing Outlook Webinar presented by Southwest Gas.

On Thursday, April 14th join HBR President Andrew Smith for a look at the Southern Nevada housing market after Q1 2022.  Planned topics include:

  • 2021 Quick Recap
  • New Home Closings and Permits Activity
  • New Home Traffic and Net Sales Activity 
  • New and Resale Home Pricing
  • Overview of recent land sales activity

As always, attendees will receive the full slide deck loaded with over 30 charts and graphs!

Stay informed.  Visit our website for information on our local housing reports.


Weekly New Home Snapshot

With one week left in Q1, new home net sales continue to thrive in Southern Nevada.

Weekly New Home Snapshot

New home net sales have continued to be strong halfway through February, having just posted the second most successful week of the year.

Weekly New Home Snapshot

Local homebuilders ended January 2022 with sales slightly down from the previous two weeks, but still reported over 1,000 new home net sales for the month.