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New home net sales in Southern Nevada may be giving in to seasonal trends for the first time in a while.

As December begins, the new home market is performing differently than it has since the pandemic began.  That is to say, it's looking pretty... normal.  The season trend of steadily decreasing activity has showed itself in 2021 after Q4 of 2020 was playing catch up for the action missed during the traditional spring selling season.  For all of the specifics, and to track the Southern Nevada new home segment in the easiest and most affordable way possible subscribe to our Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch

Overall net sales declined for the week ending December 5th by 22% from the previous week and have decreased in five of the last six weeks.  The following graph shows overall next sales from the past three years for the first eight weeks of Q4.  We can see the more steady activity in 2020 compared with 2019 and 2021 where the totals start showing a distinct downward trend from the beginning of the timeline.

Net Sales Q4

We did not report any new subdivisions coming online this week after seeing seven over the previous two.  So far in 2021 we have reported 112 new communities opening. 

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