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Developable Land... Something that has been an increasing issue in the Southern Nevada market for roughly two decades.

Many of you are aware that we track Clark County land purchases each month in our Las Vegas Land Report which has just released its 301st issue (that's over 25 years of data!).  But did you know that we also overlay this data onto satellite imagery to make it simple to focus on a specific area and track land deals over time?  Using the Google Earth platform, our clients can easily see where transactions are taking place each month, and then take that back over a desired period of time:

The accompanying data for each transaction can then be easily viewed by clicking the placemark:

The original Las Vegas Land Report spreadsheets are certainly a great tool as well for compiling and sorting land closings data, but the Interactive version of the report takes it to the next level!  

Use the code land20 at checkout through the end of May to get 20% off the first year of your subscription (2x 6-months) and start utilizing this great tool in your decision making today!