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June and Q2 2018 Housing Reports Now Available

Over the past couple of weeks our subscribers have been receiving the latest Las Vegas housing data in their inboxes.  Each month we distribute many different reports to keep our clients on the pulse of the market.  These include:

  • The Las Vegas Closings and Permits Report
    • A complete listing of new home developments that have recorded closings over the past 12 months including average price, lot information, zoning and more as well as a monthly listing of projects having pulled building permits including totals.

The Top 5 Communities in terms of number of pulled permits came from multiple sub-market areas and included LGI Homes, a new builder in Southern Nevada.

  • The Market Share Analysis Report
    • Building from the above mentioned closings report, we further segment the data by sub-market area and price range (average closing price) to show market share across the Las Vegas valley and Mesquite.

This excerpt from the Market Share Analysis Reports shows the performance of projects with an average closing price of $750,000+ in the northwest sub-market area over the past 12 months.

  • Monthly Area Traffic & Sales Summary Chart
    • Using data from our Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch, we total and summarize key numbers for each Southern Nevada sub-market area.  A handy snapshot of the most up-to-date data available.

This portion of the Monthly Area Summary Chart shows data for the east and Henderson sub-markets

  • Monthly Interactive Sales Summary File
    • We again summarize data from the Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch and overlay it on an interactive map to give an easy visualization of performance in a selected area.

Subscribers can see key data for each active project, represented by a clickable icon.

  • Las Vegas Land Report
    • A comprehensive listing of Clark County land sales, taken from government records including location, size, price, and zoning information.  An interactive map file is also available.  The graph below shows the total value in dollars of closed vacant land sales in June.

Total Value ($) of June 2018 Vacant Land Closings by Area

At the end of each calendar quarter we also publish the Quarterly Traffic & Sales Summary based off of our Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch.  This report offers totals for each project active during the quarter as well as multiple graphs and charts breaking down the data even further.  The following graph is taken directly from the Q2 report and shows the market share of net sales by sub-market area.

Net Sales Percentage by Sub-Market Area

2nd Quarter 2018

All of our reports can be subscribed to and downloaded directly from out sites with the links provided.

LV Luxury Condo Market Report Q1 2018 Now Available

We have just released the latest update to our popular Las Vegas Luxury Condominium Market Report along with our friends at Northcap.  The report contains data for Q1 2018 and consists of an overview of the luxury condo market, a sales summary, and a rental summary.

Dive deep into the numbers by downloading the report today!

LV Luxury Condo Market Report Q4 2017 Now Available

We have just released the latest update to our popular Las Vegas Luxury Condominium Market Report along with our friends at Northcap.  The report contains data for Q4 2017 and consists of an overview of the luxury condo market, a sales summary, and a rental summary.

Sales activity in 2017 increased yoy by just under 9% with average closing prices rising 2% from condominiums and 10% for Condo-Hotels.

Dive deep into the numbers by downloading the report today!

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July 2017 New Home Closings and Permit Report Now Available

Subscribers have just received in their inboxes Volume 358 of the Las Vegas Closing and Permit Report with data from July 2017.  Clark County home builders recorded slightly less than 700 new home closings and pulled over 800 building permits.  These numbers put closings up 21% and permits up 4.5% year-to-year.  Ten projects reported their first closings in July.

Expressions by DR Horton (unsurprisingly when considering net sales figures from our Weekly Traffic & Sales Watch), led all communities with nearly 20 closings.  Seven of the top ten performing communities have overall average prices under $300,000.

% of New Home Closings by Price Range

July 2017

For those who are unaware, the Closings part of this tandem report contains a list of all communities in Clark County recording a closed sale over the past 12 months, with totals for each month.  Also, basic information for each project is listed including Area, Total Avg. Sales Price, Current Month Avg. Sales Price, Product Type, Avg. Lot Width, Avg. Lot Size, Total Lots, Zoning, Planned Community, and ZIP Code.  Finally, Avg. Closings Per Month for the past 12 months, Total Closings, and yearly totals for the past two years as well as monthly builder totals and averages are also included.  Wow, what a jam-packed report! One of the best features of the report is that it is published as a spreadsheet allowing you to sort and dissect the data on your own for your own purposes, instead of being stagnant charts or graphs in a .pdf file. 

Looking at permits, 16 projects pulled 10 or more in July with North Peak from Pardee Homes in North Las Vegas leading the way.

% of Permits Pulled by Sub Market Area

July 2017

The Las Vegas Closing and Permit Report has been an anchor in our stable of products for nearly 30 years now and is trusted by countless housing professionals in southern Nevada and across the country.  Download the latest report or subscribe today!

July 2017 New Home Traffic & Net Sales Reports Now Available

We have recently published the monthly updates with July 2017 data for a couple of our popular Las Vegas housing reports.

Our Monthly Area Traffic & Sales Summary Chart is a handy snapshot of activity around the valley by sub-market area (East, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Northwest, South, Southwest).  The report tracks the following data points:

  • Number of active projects
  • Total Traffic & Traffic per Project
  • Gross Sales, Cancellations, and Net Sales
  • Net Sales per Project
  • Cancellation %
  • Conversion % and Conversion Ratio
  • Inventory of Released Lots (Total and per Project)
  • Months of Inventory (Inventory/Net Sales)

In the submarkets that had the same number of reported projects or more year-to-year we report net sales increases across the board.  Cancellation % was fairly steady with some increases but mainly decreases.

We also released the updated "Interactive Traffic & Sales Summary" which overlays monthly totals onto a map for easy point and click visualization of current market activity.  These files are invaluable to those that use them and offer a great alternative to our basic spreadsheet reports.

Download the current reports or subscribe today, and Contact Us with any questions or custom data needs.

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